Our Collective

Hala - or hala hala - is an informal warm welcoming or greeting in Levantine Arabic. The idea for Hala Collective was sparked while our founder was living in Lebanon, and being inclusive and welcoming was a fundamental starting point, so ‘Hala’ seemed appropriate. We are working to make a difference for as many people as possible, and we do that best by doing it together. Working with a diverse group of people as well as testing our products on a variety of body types help us create the best possible product. Join us!

Our team

We are an international team working across Denmark, Portugal and Lebanon. Hala Collective is founded in Denmark and is 100% women-owned and women-led. We believe in the benefits of having an inclusive and flexible work environment, and encourage many different work arrangements and collaborations to be able to accommodate various kinds of people, schedules and skill sets. Our core team consists of:

Signe Sofie Hansen

Founder & CEO

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Nadine Mneimneh

Sourcing & Product Development Manager

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Myriam Ziade

Technical Fashion Designer

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Hala Discoverers

We want to make products that truly matter, and we believe that the best way to do so is to get input from our community and customers. Hala Discoverers do exactly that. They get exclusive insights and access to upcoming items in return for their input and thoughts.

Further, for products to be in active use, fit is everything. So before launching a new product, we always run many sampling rounds and we test our almost final product on Hala Discoverers with different body types to make sure our products fit as they should and to get first hand fit feedback before moving to production.

We are always expanding our group of Hala Discoverers, so if you’re interested in joining, do not hesitate to get in touch or go ahead and click below!

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