Care guide

We’ve chosen high-quality fabrics to ensure long-lasting products. That said, your garment care has a big impact too. Here’s our guide to how you take the best possible care of your underwear – and don’t worry, it’s really quite simple.

1. Wash before first use, at least once, ideally 2-3 times. The reason for this is that the fibres in the gusset fabrics will open up when washed, which makes them absorb much more effectively and faster. 

2. If bloody, rinse in cold water right after use till the water runs clear, so the blood doesn’t dry and get stuck in the fabric fibres. After the rinse, simply put them straight into the washer or leave them to dry until you have a full load ready to wash. Never use warm water with blood, as this will make the blood stain.

3. Wash at 30°C along with your regular clothes. Yes, they will get properly clean at this temperature; no, there is no need to hand wash them, they can easily be machine washed; and no, don’t worry, they will not stain your other clothes (you rinsed the blood out already). Washing at higher heat is not needed and not recommended. Very high heat can ruin the leakproof layer, and in general washing at high degrees lowers the longevity of your garments and has a bigger toll on the electricity bill and the environment.

4. Option to use a washing bag to protect your underwear further. Using a washing bag is not needed, but it can help lengthen the lifespan of your underwear. Even better, use a microplast-capturing washing bag like this one. Although we have the absolute minimum of synthetic materials in our underwear, the thin leakproof gusset layer is film-laminated polyester. 

5. Hang or lay flat to dry and avoid pegs. The leakproof gusset layer is not happy about the high heat of the tumble dryer, and the environment will thank you too. Please note that the higher absorbency, the more fabric layers, and hence a longer dry time.

6. Do not bleach. Like never. This ruins the leakproof layer.

7. Do not iron. Again, the heat and the leakproof layer are not the best of friends.