Our Super Light Absorbency is for dry days and discharge days. There is no leakproof fabric in this gusset as it is made for the days where you would otherwise wear regular non-leakproof underwear. The difference? Well, we've made sure to design the gusset long enough to actually capture your discharge, yet short enough for it to just feel like usual underwear (except better and more dry).

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Our Light Absorbency is for the run-up to your period days, the ‘is-my-period-over-yet’ days, light bleed or leak days, heavy discharge, or back-up while wearing the menstrual cup or a tampon. It is basically the revolutionary built-in panty liner, just the much better version where nothing moves around or folds and no glue sticks to your skin.

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Our Moderate Absorbency is actually high enough absorbency for most even on the heavier bleed days. Track your period product use and compare to our absorbency guide and see if this absorbency level is sufficient for you, or if you need more protection. This absorbency is also great for mild to moderate incontinence leaks.

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Our Super Absorbency is perfect for very heavy bleed days, overnight protection, postpartum and moderate incontinence leaks.

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Our Super Plus Absorbency has extra high absorbency and extra long gusset (read: all the way to the waistband back and front) for extra protection when lying down. Made for you to be able to get a good night's sleep no matter what day of the month it is. This absorbency is also great for postpartum.

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