Absorbency guide

Choosing the right absorbency can definitely be a bit confusing in the beginning. Read on for our best advice to get going.

Choosing the right absorbency is not rocket science, but it can definitely be a bit confusing in the beginning. A good place to start is to track your current use of period products. How often do you empty a full menstrual cup or how many pads, tampons or liners do you use throughout your monthly cycle? Then compare this to our absorbency explanations below. 

In the beginning, it can feel most safe to choose a slightly higher absorbency while getting used to trusting that the underwear actually is leakproof. For many, however, our Moderate absorbency is actually enough, even on heavier days. It can be helpful to buy a few different absorbency levels to test them on different leak or bleed days. That way, you can slowly get used to the underwear and better understand what absorbency levels work for your specific needs on different days.

In the end, every body is different, your absorbency needs might change from time to time, and only you know what feels comfortable for you.

To help you get going, we’ve created the below overview of our different absorbencies. If anything is unclear or you have additional questions, check our FAQ or reach out to us directly.

Absorbency  Icon Milliliter Equivalent
Super Light 0 ml Regular underwear or 1 pantyliner
Light < 5 ml  Several pantyliners or 1 tampon/pad
Moderate     10-15 ml 2-3 tampons/pads
Super       20-25 ml 4-5 tampons/pads or 1 menstrual cup
Super Plus
30-35 ml 6-7 tampons/pads

Super Light Absorbency is for dry days and discharge days. There is no leakproof fabric in this gusset as it is made for the days where you would otherwise wear regular non-leakproof underwear. The difference? Well, we've made sure to design the gusset long enough to actually capture your discharge, yet short enough for it to just feel like usual underwear (except better and more dry).

Light Absorbency is for the run-up to your period days, the ‘is-my-period-over-yet’ days, light bleed or leak days, heavy discharge, or back-up while wearing the menstrual cup or a tampon. It is basically the revolutionary built-in panty liner, just the much better version where nothing moves around or folds and no glue sticks to your skin. You literally feel like you’re wearing regular underwear, zero thickness, full flexibility, and then you have the added benefit of feeling protected. We love this absorbency that works for so many different uses.

Moderate Absorbency is actually high enough absorbency for most even on the heavier bleed days. Track your period product use and compare to our absorbency guide and see if this absorbency level is sufficient for you, or if you need more protection. This absorbency is also great for mild to moderate incontinence leaks.

Super Absorbency is perfect for very heavy bleed days, overnight protection, postpartum and moderate incontinence leaks.

Super Plus Absorbency has extra high absorbency and extra long gusset (read: all the way to the waistband back and front) for extra protection when lying down. Made for you to be able to get a good night's sleep no matter what day of the month it is. This absorbency is also great for postpartum.

How it works

It’s the sewn-in gusset that does all the magic. We’ve worked hard to ensure amazing absorbency without synthetic polyester fabrics next to your skin and have designed the gusset lengths to fit the needs of your body. Each style comes in a range of absorbencies for any day of your cycle and any season of life.