Why choosing the right clothes size online can be tricky — and what to do about it

It's not always the easiest thing to choose the right size when shopping online, and it’s so annoying having to return a purchase due to a wrong choice of size. So we asked our Sourcing & Product Development Manager Nadine (our #1 technical expert)  a few questions to help you better understand sizing and how to choose correctly online.

Why do online shoppers find picking the right size tricky?

When it comes to sizing, it's important to keep in mind that it can vary from brand to brand. Each brand creates their own size charts based on the target market they cater to, such as the US, France, or Northern Europe. This means that your size may not always be consistent across different brands.

Now, here's the main issue: the lack of information on websites. Choosing the right size becomes tricky when there isn't enough information provided for customers to make an informed decision.

Typically, your size is also influenced by the design and construction of the product itself. The way a garment is designed and put together can affect how it fits on your body.

Adding to the confusion, some brands may use units of measurement or sizing that you're not familiar with. This is when you may feel a bit lost and need to do some extra research.

What have you focused on with Hala's sizing?

Our size range is specifically designed for the Northern European market. Inclusive sizing is a top priority for us, which is why we develop our products in-house to ensure optimal comfort for everyone.

To ensure accuracy, we have tested our sizing on real bodies ranging from XS to 4XL during our sampling process. This helps us make sure that our size chart works, and that Hala underwear fits according to measurements.

We've also compiled as much guiding information as possible (size chart, lots of photos on different body types, and guidance on fit), which is available on our webshop for you to better be able to choose confidently.

If you still have any doubts or questions, we are available to provide any clarification you may need. We also believe that the best way to create the best size advice is to get your fit feedback, so do let us know how your size fits you!

What is your best sizing advice when buying clothing online?

First, always remember that your size can vary between different brands. It's crucial to know your measurements and compare them to the brand's size chart to make an accurate assessment. If you are unsure about taking your measurements, ask your local tailor for some help.

Check if the brand provides a product measurement chart, which includes measurements of the garment when laid flat and not stretched. You can compare these measurements with a similar piece of clothing you already have at home. However, keep in mind that the fabric type, design, and construction can all influence the fit of the garment, and this method is best for non-stretchy garments. 

Also see if you can find information on the fit, such as stretchiness or whether the item runs small or large. Consider your personal preference for a more loose or snug fit, as this might guide you in sizing up or down.

Looking at product reviews can also provide valuable insights into the size and fit of the item. If you still have doubts or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the brand directly for clarification.

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