Eliminating the choice between what works and what feels good

Khadija is wearing size M. Height: 174cm, waist: 76cm, hip: 108cm.

Hala underwear is designed and developed in-house by our core team – women who have discharge and periods. We know on our own bodies what does not work when it comes to period products and poorly designed underwear. So we set out to create better solutions and ended up developing the underwear your body always needed, but never had.

Quick question to ask yourself: if your underwear isn’t doing anything, why are you even wearing it in the first place? Let’s dig into this.

First up, regular underwear. Too many underwear designs have not considered that discharge is a thing and that it would be great if that extra fabric layer at the crotch (the gusset) was a bit longer, especially at the front, and made in fabric that absorbs wetness quickly. Well, we have! Our Super Light absorbency underwear is made for everyday use and has a carefully designed gusset that actually fits the purpose of keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Next up, bleeds and leaks. Why do we have to change with our cycle, working our way through period products that don’t stay in place, make rashes, smell or otherwise make us feel uncomfortable, when we could just change our underwear? We’ve developed no less than four different leakproof absorbency levels, which keep you dry and comfortable and prevent you from leaking through. From Light to Moderate, Super and Super Plus absorbency, we’ve got you covered!

Convinced, but not sure how it actually works?

It’s the sewn-in gusset that does all the magic. The inner fabric layer next to your skin is super soft and fast absorbing, and it transports the liquid to the middle layer(s) of the gusset. These fabric layers are specifically chosen to be highly absorbent, and the amount of layers depends on the level of absorbency. Finally, there’s the outer gusset layer, which stops the liquid from leaking through.

Simply put on your leakproof underwear and go about your day. After use, rinse in cold water if bloody, and then wash along with your regular washing cycle. Easy!

Oh, and the best thing? Our unique gusset design is developed with the absolute minimum of synthetic materials! No plastic close to your skin or in the absorbent layers, because there really is no need for this.

Each of our styles comes in a range of absorbencies for any day of your cycle and any season of life, and they’re all designed with comfort in mind every step of the way.

Have a look at our absorbency guide and read more about our products and materials here.

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